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Vertical Blinds

We offer a complete range of both fabric and PVC slats.

They are perfect for any window treatment, an ideal crisp window covering for any home or conservatory. They come in an extensive range of colours and textures and are available as both 127mm and 89mm width vanes.

They are also the ideal choice for any office environment and are now the first choice for dividing rooms and patio doors.

All our fabric slats are heat welded and head rails come in a variety of colours from Natural to White and Brown and rotate through 180 degrees. All our fabric vanes are installed with ballast weights and stabilising chain to reduce any slat movement. Alternatively new to the market is the ‘Wand Control’ head rail with which there are no cords or chains and reduce any ligature points within the head rail itself.

We are proud to introduce a new range of Rigid PVC vanes which offer a modern and attractive finish and are perfect for any window treatment. They are low maintenance with no weights or chains and can be easily cleaned. They have been tested and proven to be the ideal solution to any areas where infection control is a necessity. These PVC Verticals are becoming more and more popular not only in the Healthcare and Education sectors, but also in the home for a warm and comfortable atmosphere.

Vertical Blinds can offer an inexpensive way to decorate any window and can be stacked to open either to one side only or to both sides equally, and are rarely used in conjunction with any other curtain or window covering. They are versatile in operation therefore allowing maximum light into the room, but at the same time stopping sun from fading any furniture, carpeting etc.

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