• rmn0174 oasis sea green

    rmn0174 oasis sea green
  • rmn0175 oasis smoke

    rmn0175 oasis smoke
  • rmn0935 rattan frost

    rmn0935 rattan frost
  • rmn0937 rattan vintage

    rmn0937 rattan vintage
  • rmn0938 rattan fog

    rmn0938 rattan fog
  • rmn0939 rattan cherry

    rmn0939 rattan cherry
  • rmn0941 rattan clementine

    rmn0941 rattan clementine
  • rmn0942 rattan slate

    rmn0942 rattan slate
  • rmn0943 rattan onyx

    rmn0943 rattan onyx
  • rmn0944 rattan lavender

    rmn0944 rattan lavender
  • rmn0946 rattan sky

    rmn0946 rattan sky
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    rmn0949 rattan shell
  • rmn0950 rattan heather

    rmn0950 rattan heather
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    rmn0951 rattan fuschia
  • rmn1201 komodo fog

    rmn1201 komodo fog
  • rmn1202 komodo dove

    rmn1202 komodo dove
  • rmn1203 komodo ivory

    rmn1203 komodo ivory
  • rmn1204 komodo nougat

    rmn1204 komodo nougat
  • rmn1205 komodo earth

    rmn1205 komodo earth
  • rmn1206 komodo taupe

    rmn1206 komodo taupe
  • rmn1207 komodo aubergine

    rmn1207 komodo aubergine
  • rmn1208 komodo mauve

    rmn1208 komodo mauve
  • rmn1212 komodo buttercup

    rmn1212 komodo buttercup
  • rmn1213 komodo zest

    rmn1213 komodo zest
  • rmn1216 komodo sky

    rmn1216 komodo sky
  • rmn1217 komodo indigo

    rmn1217 komodo indigo
  • rmn1221 komodo grey

    rmn1221 komodo grey
  • rmn1231 phoenix fog

    rmn1231 phoenix fog
  • rmn1233 phoenix pearl

    rmn1233 phoenix pearl
  • rmn1235 phoenix champagne

    rmn1235 phoenix champagne

Roman Blinds

Decorate any room with these elegant blinds. Available in a large variety of plain and patterned designs, which can be enhanced with a stylish finish tailored to suit the windows characteristics.

Traditionally Roman blinds are lined and this can be with a standard lining fabric or a blackout lining fabric (suitably used to limit the light transmitted through the blind and to enhance the performance of the blind).  

All of our roman blinds afford the luxury of various control options, whether a robust side control chain secured by a safety device or an electric motor and remote, seemlessly operated by the touch of a button or even voice controlled (supported by certain third party apps).

Every blind is manufactured with safety in mind and conforms to BS EN 13120:2009 + A1:2014

With our wide choice of colours and designs we are confident that there will be one suitable to complement your home, with a complete range of curtains to match the roman blinds available as well. 

Call for more info: 01743 850111

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