• Acacia Wooden Venetian

    Acacia Wooden Venetian
  • Fired Walnut Wood

    Fired Walnut Wood
  • Hazel with Henna tapes

    Hazel with Henna tapes
  • Hazel Wood

    Hazel Wood
  • Polar with tapes

    Polar with tapes
  • Polar

  • Pure Wood with Jet Tapes

    Pure Wood with Jet Tapes
  • Tuscan Oak Close Up

    Tuscan Oak Close Up
  • Acacia soft grain

    Acacia soft grain
  • Amber faux wood

    Amber faux wood
  • Ash

  • Athena faux wood

    Athena faux wood
  • Athena fine grain faux wood

    Athena fine grain faux wood
  • Auburn

  • Callo faux wood

    Callo faux wood
  • Carbon

  • claro perfect grain

    claro perfect grain
  • Desert Oak faux wood

    Desert Oak faux wood
  • Fired Walnut soft grain

    Fired Walnut soft grain
  • Gloss Creme

    Gloss Creme
  • Gloss Pure

    Gloss Pure
  • Gravity faux wood

    Gravity faux wood
  • Gravity fine grain faux wood

    Gravity fine grain faux wood
  • Hazel

  • Honey

  • Kalm

  • Kohl v3

    Kohl v3
  • Lima faux wood

    Lima faux wood
  • Linara faux wood

    Linara faux wood
  • Linara fine grain faux wood

    Linara fine grain faux wood

Wooden Venetian Blinds

Wooden venetian blinds can bring natural warmth and beauty to any room in your home.  Our range of colours offer a quality blind at affordable prices.

Many colours are available in 25/35/50mm slats.  Wooden venetians harmonise with any interior from board rooms to bathrooms.

Wood is a natural insulator helping to keep both the room warm during those cold winter months and cooler during those long summer days.

All wood blinds come with matching cords and ladders and can be further enhanced with the simple addition of decorative tapes, and even finishing your blind with a contemporary tassel pull to compliment the colour chosen.


We also offer a complete range of 'Faux' wood venetian blinds with a sophisticated wood effect in a contemporary smooth finish or with a wood grain.

These are ideal for areas with moisture such as kitchens and bathrooms.  They can also be made more stylish by the simple addition of fabric tapes.

Available in both 50mm and 35mm slats, and at internet prices these blinds are a must have in any area of the home.

All wooden venetian blinds are child safe by design and comply with current safety legislation EN13120 giving peace of mind in any room.




Call for more info: 01743 850111

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