• rmn1744 peyton mimosa

    rmn1744 peyton mimosa
  • rmn1745 peyton seafoam

    rmn1745 peyton seafoam
  • rmn1756 miami teal

    rmn1756 miami teal
  • rmn1761 costella wheat

    rmn1761 costella wheat
  • rmn1762 costella spa

    rmn1762 costella spa
  • rmn1763 costella fog

    rmn1763 costella fog
  • rmn1764 costella linen

    rmn1764 costella linen
  • rmn1781 gia dijon

    rmn1781 gia dijon
  • rmn1783 gia smoke

    rmn1783 gia smoke
  • rmn1792 maya oyster

    rmn1792 maya oyster
  • rmn1793 maya ochre

    rmn1793 maya ochre
  • rmn1794 maya spa

    rmn1794 maya spa
  • rmn1801 alegra rose

    rmn1801 alegra rose
  • rmn1803 alegra fog

    rmn1803 alegra fog
  • rmn1804 alegra ochre

    rmn1804 alegra ochre
  • rmn1823 maverick silver

    rmn1823 maverick silver
  • rmn1824 maverick mimosa

    rmn1824 maverick mimosa
  • rmn1827 maverick cashew

    rmn1827 maverick cashew
  • rmn1841 melrose stone

    rmn1841 melrose stone
  • rmn1842 melrose sunflower

    rmn1842 melrose sunflower
  • rmn1843 melrose silver

    rmn1843 melrose silver
  • rmn1844 melrose mouse

    rmn1844 melrose mouse
  • rmn1845 melrose oyster

    rmn1845 melrose oyster
  • rmn1851 carter dijon

    rmn1851 carter dijon
  • rmn1852 carter shell

    rmn1852 carter shell
  • rmn1853 carter smoke

    rmn1853 carter smoke
  • rmn1861 rumi silver

    rmn1861 rumi silver
  • rmn1862 rumi smoke

    rmn1862 rumi smoke
  • rmn1863 rumi sand

    rmn1863 rumi sand
  • rmn1871 hudson oyster

    rmn1871 hudson oyster

Roman Blinds

Decorate any room with these elegant blinds. Available in a large variety of plain and patterned designs, which can be enhanced with a stylish finish tailored to suit the windows characteristics.

Traditionally Roman blinds are lined and this can be with a standard lining fabric or a blackout lining fabric (suitably used to limit the light transmitted through the blind and to enhance the performance of the blind).  

All of our roman blinds afford the luxury of various control options, whether a robust side control chain secured by a safety device or an electric motor and remote, seemlessly operated by the touch of a button or even voice controlled (supported by certain third party apps).

Every blind is manufactured with safety in mind and conforms to BS EN 13120:2009 + A1:2014

With our wide choice of colours and designs we are confident that there will be one suitable to complement your home, with a complete range of curtains to match the roman blinds available as well. 

Call for more info: 01743 850111

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